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Welcome to the John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics website

Welcome to John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics - based in Derbyshire, UK - here you will find high quality hand-made Bonsai and accent pots for the discerning enthusiast.

It's not always possible to have pots for sale in the online shop, commissions keep me very busy,  please contact me to check stock.

It is possible to reserve any pot, or order a commission, I ship worldwide,  or we can meet at a future exhibition, just e-mail me and we can discuss all possibilities.

Please contact me if you want to commission a pot or see if I have anything suitable on the shelf

I  went to Japan a few years ago now,   to see the Kokufu exhibition,  a few nurseries and private gardens.

An absolutely amazing experience, see a few pictures here.

All of my pots are  hand-made by me and individually glazed, so every pot is unique and no two will ever be quite the same.

John Pitt

Information about John Pitt
Find out more about John Pitt - award winning bonsai and ceramic artist and the man behind the unique hand made ceramics.

Online Shop

Online Shop
Our online shop features high quality unique handmade Bonsai and accent pots for the discerning enthusiast, plus trees and raw material, including hand-picked yamadori material from Europe. View the shop >>

John Pitt galleries

Gallery of trees & kusamono
A selection of images of the development of some of my Bonsai, images of my pots with customers' trees and a gallery of accent/kusamono plantings.
View the galleries >>

If you do not see the pot you want please contact me. I usually have more pots in stock  than is shown here, and if I haven't got the one for your tree, We can discuss pots and agree a design and colour that will frame your tree to perfection.

Post and packing is FREE to mainland U.K, and I can arrange shipping to anywhere in the world. Please see shipping page or contact me for quotation.

This website is regularly updated, so come back soon to view new pots.

John Pitt Handbuilt Bonsai Ceramics

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John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics on show

Swindon Winter Image show, 23rd February 2014

European bonsai show, Saulieu France,18-19th October 2014

Noelanders Trophy. January 2015

Contact me for details on any of these events




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